About the Prints

Serg Wiaderny takes a vast amount of care into every detailed aspect of his prints. The process begins with constructing the wooden frame then carefully stretching the canvas over the rectangular contour. This technique is called the Gallery Wrap in which presents a professional and clean look of abstract design.  The company, Breathing Color, provides this particular Brilliance Chromata White Canvas which is superior for its color gamut, Dmax, and longevity. Serg uses canvas because it gives off the essence of a painting rather than a print. It also prevents glare so the art can be fully enjoyed. This dependable canvas is placed in a large format on the Canon IPF 8100 Printer where the 12 color pigment ink system, LUCIA inks, offers excellent color with remarkable wide color gamut to ensure your satisfaction. Once the image is printed He uses Glamour 2 varnish as a protective coating that helps bring out the inks color and depth. Once everything is assembled together and fully dried the prints are ready to be placed onto walls that are waiting for remarkable eyes to be set upon. All prints are printed in the so-called limited edition as such 95/150. First number is the number of a print and the second is the total number of prints of my edition total of 365. (International and Alaskan's customers please see about shipping)

Capturing and Preparing the Images

Every image placed on the website has been captured in the essence of my studio that is located in my very own home. The process begins with applying various amounts of colorful paint into various liquids or on flat, wet surface.After that step, nature does her work to make the paints move in unique directions during the next sacred moments. In the mean time the correct amount of exposed time is extremely crucial. During the photography process I capture hundreds of images from the past hours, but only a small percentage of them go and stay stored into my computer.  The program that I use for the photographs is called Digital Photo Professional where all the images are separated. Only the sharpest, clearest, and most pristine pictures are chosen to be placed on the website then onto your very own walls.

Print Sizes & Prices


cm (approximately)


32 x 20

81 x 51


38 x 24

97 x 61


50 x 32

127 x 81

$397 (Best Value)

58 x 38

147 x 97


With Much Gratitude

I am extraordinarily ecstatic that you took the time out of your day to visit my abstract gallery. Hopefully you took pleasure gazing at the photography as much as I took pleasure in creating these once in a life time pictures for you to look at and ponder. It means so much to me sharing my website with a new person. Thank you for looking at my abstract photography. ~ Serg

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