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Contemporary abstract art : Serg put together the splendorous online Exhibition Three to share more with the world what macro photography has to offer; which is incredible abstract  art that you would not be able to see with the lens of your very own eye. With a Macro lens, Bryan Peterson once said, “that instead of uncovering only the 7 wonders of the world a person is able to uncover 7 million wonders of the world with close up photography”. And ever since that quote has been read by Serg he agreed once uncovering those wonders come to life and they flourished every step he would take.  Close up photography is becoming more used in the photography industry because the artist can see what Bryan Peterson is seeing. 

Gallery Three yet again bring more spectacular modern art into our existence like  the construct in the Life on the Moon picture. It captures a similar image that a satellite would take of a moon.  The moon is an object that humans for thousands of years look upon an ponder about anything that comes to mind. Whether it is it’s cycle, the density on it, how to get there, or its craters. The moon is a huge part of people’s lives and that is why this photograph communicates closeness to the viewers. It has helped us in the past as well as the present. 

To be able to create a photograph and also abstract art like Life on the Moon it wasn’t only the choice of colors that Serg had to rely on but it was his equipment as well. His Canon Mark Two has made this journey possible for him. It has magnified life that he has not examined before these past three years.  A lot of props go to the experts of the Canon team. It is amazing that certain spectacular equipment can  change another person’s lifestyle.

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