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Modern online gallery two has photographs that tend to have a clear focal point in the pictures, in order to draw the viewer’s attention towards that specific area. Emerald Explosion,colorful abstract art, was named from the Emerald pools in Zion’s National Park. The colors of the unique formation of rocks and the trickling emerald water are the natural features that came hand and hand with this stunning artwork.  While Serg works on his photography he deeply contemplates about what colors should be used to make these creations.  At times it is his choice but other times he will ask his friends and family for opinions as well.  Serg thinks that others attitudes and reactions are very important to make the very best deco art pieces. 

This next one to be written about is – Flower of Truth – and its complexity.  Starting this one off with a great quote by the famous physician, Albert Einstein, once said, “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones”. This flower abstraction represents just want Albert Einstein wanted to share with people. The  art is a representation to shy away from the lies and sulk up the life of living truthfully, because the truth will bloom into a life full of utter beauty. 

The yellow abstract art photograph is Bursting of Energy! It ignites a feeling of power and strength that we all either have or can attain. This photo is an inspiration to have that energy flowing through your veins each and every day. Natural energy that is.  

This visual art is full of numerous colorful abstract art photographs that will have your eyes glued to the beauty that Serg - plus nature - is able to share with you. The pictures all are well chosen after hours and days of examination to fit the perfect needs of his viewers, an abstract genre that is new, fresh, and full of energy.

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