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You have opened Serg original abstract art Gallery one. In this one-of-a-kind abstract online exhibition you will see high definition – macro photography – at its finest. Your imagination and emotions will flow freely as your eyes gaze upon these images that are placed right before you. In the top row a variety of  art is presented that has swept people off their feet. A favorite photograph is Aquamarine Splash. This blue abstract art photography takes us under the crystal blue ocean where waves are consistently forming. It is a photograph that will have the famous surfer Kelly Slater saying,” I wish I was there” as he stares at this deco art master piece.

Looking a row below will allow your imagination to go even further. The photograph Blend Together looks like a Yin and Yang symbol. However it is distorted and caught up in a mix which brings the meaning of Yin and Yang to a whole other level. Instead of aiming towards two opposite spectrums of life this abstract is blending them together. Having the good and evil mix as the world really is. 

The last row has a beautiful array of colorful wall art. The original abstract art from Chlorophyll has a neat abstraction to it that looks like an open book. This art piece is great to have in a place that allows you to sit back and read a book. Next to Chlorophyll is yet another green abstract  piece that takes the mind to a whole new realm of interpretation. It’s all up to you to choose how to interpret it. That is what abstract art is all about; to take something that is unfamiliar or unclear and place meaning behind it.

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