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The photographic abstract Gallery Four emphasizes why Serg is the best abstract artist. He is able to take a photograph from ink that turn into the picture Purple Cave. That picture looks as if it were drawn up by a graphic designer; however, it is all natural. It was hard for me to even believe that Purple Cave was not computer generated. It has so much detail with so many various colors to work extremely well together. And to me it reminds me of several Laffy Taffy’s being stretched together. That's what we call the best  art.

Serg really enjoys capturing texture and that is exactly what Ruby Swan,red abstract art, implements.  If you use a little imagination you will see the swan shaped figure and golden dust flowing on top of it. There is a lot of little detailed strands in this photograph that bring the entire abstraction in art of the masterpiece together.   The abstraction in art is what allows our mind to run freely to let it come up with whatever is being boiled up in that very moment. 

Skimming further into the Gallery Sea Breeze is a great example of how Serg combined naming his photographs. On the right hand side of the photograph the brown abstraction represents the land as for the blue abstraction on the left is the sea breeze. This peaceful photograph is absolutely breath taking on a Giccle print. Serg had made  a decision that his photographs would be placed onto canvas to give the photograph a painting feel. Looking at Sea Breeze in real life you will be shocked -even more so- of how it look more like a pointing than a photo.That's what we call best abstract art! 

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