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The last online exhibition has a high level of intensity with its photographs. The abstract artist spent hours assembling and organizing which photographs to place in this deco art collection. With the help of his friends and family the abstract photography gallery came together. It took hours, months, and years to have it come to life but it was all worth this because Serg was able to complete his vision that is still to this day growing.  What is presented on this page is the last of the Galleries for the time being but more to come in the future. 

Take over is a different abstract art photograph that cannot be forgotten once seen by the eye. The red abstract on the left looks like it is taking over something good. As so does its shadows.  This abstraction can be a reminder that there is negative things that happen in our daily lives but we cannot let them take over. We have the power to control how our emotions feel towards situations that happen every day. Though the colors in this photograph are simple they complement each other so well. And that is what makes this painting so strong and full of life. 

The contrast is not only in the photograph Take Over but also in other ones. It is a large aspect in Serg's photography that he utilizes in order to capture our attention. If you notice you will see contrast everywhere from lights to darks, from rough to smooth, and from crazy to calm. If contrast was not strongly implemented then it would have an extremely boring feeling toward the pictures. 

Since this is the end of all the galleries for now I want to say thank you for looking at a new abstract artist, Serg Wiaderny, who is happy to share what he has to offer with you. If you enjoyed what you saw please share the beauty Serg has to offer with you friends and family. Again, thank you for looking at creative abstract art.  

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