Welcome to the online abstract art gallery presented by Serg Wiaderny. I'm pleased to have you discover the site for your very first time or coming back to revisit the photographs. I hope your artful journey onto the next pages will fulfill your expectations.  

My abstract artwork is authentic because of it's creation and the use of natural forces. It is characterized by the uniqueness of the full diversity of form and colors that fully satisfy artistic taste of the recipient, as well as bring warmth to walls in your charming home. I guarantee that my abstract on canvas will bring you and your future generations visual satisfaction.

Abstract art is a type of modern art that can include not only painting, but also sculpture and photography. One of the first leaders for painting in this direction was Wassily Kandinsky. As for painting and sculpture, they use a visual reflection of the artist's feelings to communicate towards the visual recipients. Thus, the person perceives the image in their own way and the picture painted by one artist has many forms of interpretation among viewers. Specific colors are an important role to capture the eyes attention. In art, there are many directions, but the greatest of these is cubism (Cubism-latin-cubus-cube). This genre consists of rejecting perspective and simplifying the elements of composition. Famous painters particularly using this technique were Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.

Abstract photography is a lot about finding interesting shapes and colors in nature and their surrounding environment. My main focus is macro photography, where pictures are taken from a distance of only a few inches. Most photographers specialize in taking pictures of flowers, stones, small insects and various objects, that in reality for the average person are not normally visible to the eye. I created my own unique art. The art that fills these next pages is a  type of art that has never been seen before.

In recent years contemporary art has taken new directions and new method using various kinds of popular finishes. One of the more popular is gallery wrap canvas, that I use, which is a technique that gives a clean look without the need for framing the image into the frames themselves. This illustrates a unique beauty and it brings upon a very modern look to the image.

Serg Abstract Art

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